New Ford Bronco for Sale in Quincy, IL

New Ford Bronco at Gem City Ford Lincoln in Quincy: The Classic SUV Off-Roader with Modern Features

If you are really into off-roading or going deep into backcountry areas, you know that the Ford Bronco is one of the top SUVs for off-road and backcountry enthusiasts. Today, the new Ford Bronco is also outfitted with modern technological features that make your adventures safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Here at Gem City Ford Lincoln in Quincy, we are proud to introduce our Hannibal community to this year's new Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is very versatile. You can get a two-door or four-door body that seats four or five passengers. You can also take the doors off. There is a hard-top and a soft-top version. You can take these tops off as well. The Ford Bronco is designed to slough off-road dirt and grit easily, even the dashboard has rubber seals on the instruments. Some of the models have a plug in the floor to help you hose the Bronco out at home in Beardstown after your excursion.

The versatility is also under the hood of the Ford Bronco. You can choose engines, ground clearances, transmissions, and trim models. The Ford Bronco has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and two twin-turbo V6 engines. You have your choice of a seven-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission. There are selectable drive modes that will provide more traction in conditions such as deep mud or snow, sand, ruts, etc.

There Is a specialized trim model for those who wish to engage in high-speed off-roading and a trim model specifically designed to ford water more effectively. The latter, the Everglades model, comes equipped as standard with an air-intake snorkel and a winch kit. Your choice of trim model depends on where you prefer to go on your adventures. The Sasquatch Package Provides options for larger mud tires, a sway-bar disconnection feature, position-sensitive dampers, and locking front and rear differentials. This helps off-road enthusiasts save the expense and time of modifying their Bronco.

Inside the Ford Bronco, you will find modern features, such as a multimedia screen with standard Apple and Android connectivity, satellite radio, USB ports, and a Wi-Fi hotspot for your drives around Pittsfield. A pull-out table is a thoughtful feature that makes your time outdoors more civilized.

Finding Your Ford Bronco on Our Inventory Page

You can search our inventory page to find the Ford Bronco with the trim model, engine, features, and accessories that work best for your type of adventures beyond Quincy.

Building Your Own Ford Bronco

You can also build your own Ford Bronco to your exact specifications on the website. We then contact you with the next steps in the process towards the delivery of your new Bronco.

When you have chosen the engine and trim model that works best for your needs, visit us at Gem City Ford Lincoln in Quincy for a test drive. We know that you will find the new Ford Bronco to be a competent off-road vehicle with a very versatile and modern feature set for your adventures beyond Hannibal.

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